Summary of Dating Skills

1、 The dating place should make the other party relax People can only relax in a place they are familiar with. Try to choose a place they are familiar with, so that you can order easily. If a woman chooses a date place, because she is not familiar with it, she can do her homework online in advance. When she arrives at the date place, she will not be nervous mentally and will not give her the impression that she has never seen the world. In fact, if you want to catch up with a girl, as long as you […]

This is needed to maintain feelings

A really beautiful relationship is that two people can understand and tolerate each other, are willing to listen to each other’s hearts, and can give each other more respect and love.   The reason why we want to have a happy and sweet love is that we want to get the strength and courage to move forward from each other. We hope that someone can hold an umbrella for us and accompany us on a thunderstorm and rainy day.   Of course, a person can live a good life, as long as we have love in our hearts and are […]

Love needs two people to maintain

For most couples, maintaining a relationship is very necessary. If the relationship is good, the two talents may go further; Couples with bad relationships will find it difficult to sustain this relationship. However, maintaining their relationship is not a simple thing. If they are too close, one party may feel irritable, if they are too distant, and if they feel that the other party doesn’t care about themselves. Next, Zhiyuan emotion teacher tells you how to maintain two people’s feelings. Feelings need two people to maintain. Let’s have a look.   How to maintain the relationship between two people? Love […]

How to achieve sexual harmony

Harmonious sex life is indispensable for the stability of husband and wife relationship. In order to improve the relationship between husband and wife, it is necessary to master some basic sexual skills. What tips can both sides get?   Reasons for unharmonious sexual life after marriage   1. Excessive fatigue or physical weakness   At this time, men often have no sexual desire, just want to have a quick rest or rest.     2. Poor relationship between husband and wife or disharmonious sexual life   This kind of situation can produce disgust to sexual life, cause sexual desire to […]

Psychologists point to these five points

I believe that most couples and couples have encountered emotional problems. Many netizens have paid too much for their feelings, and the final result is the painful price of breaking up and divorce. For this reason, many people have psychological problems and even mental diseases. I believe everyone has heard such a saying: “it is easy to fall in love but difficult to stay together, and everyone hopes to grow old together”. This sentence means that it is very easy to be together, It’s hard not to leave and never give up. So many people envy and look forward to […]

4 Things not to Do in a Relationship

How can lovers maintain a relationship? Two people always have the impulse to strangle each other when they are together. Indeed, there will be various contradictions, living habits and ways, and different recognition and differences in all aspects when they are together for a long time. However, those who really love you know to cherish and tolerate. Therefore, to maintain a good marriage and feelings, we must respect each other and understand each other. The best way is not to do it in four aspects! This is an indirect break-up between lovers!     How to maintain a relationship? Don’t […]

Both sexes demand

Although I gave such a title, my view is to deny my title. Because right and reasonable are two judgments in themselves. Everyone has different standards and requirements, and the answer to this question is naturally different. In other words, there is no so-called correct and reasonable gender relationship at all.   But after listening to an audio about gender relations today, the anchor gave an answer. Her view is: the correct relationship between the two sexes should be without any needs, without any attachment, light hearted, free time to share their own happiness, share the discovery of life, share […]

Love begins with the right treatment of sexual relations

Hormonal stimulation, adolescent agitation, dating and sexual relations are the problems that teenagers have to face. Among all the choices we made, the author believes that this is the most important one. Because it affects not only yourself, but also others. Today, we will focus on how to deal with various problems in gender relations.   01   Today’s society has formulated two rules for dating: “be a partner” or “make physical contact”, which many people often accept without thinking. The result often leads to mental damage. Of course, you don’t have to accept this view. You can say goodbye […]

The best way to maintain a relationship

Do you want to know the best way to maintain your relationship? How to maintain a relationship? As we all know, it is easy to fall in love but difficult to stay together. A relationship is sweet and beautiful at first. At that time, no matter what the other party did, he would not have boring behavior. No matter what the other party did, he could forgive. This is probably the power of love. However, no matter how good the relationship is, after the passage of time, the original beauty gradually fades. If you don’t know the business, love will […]

Frequent sex should pay attention to what matters

Core clew: love each other very deep, so the frequency of sex is very high, which is to meet the demand of normal physiology, but men and women make love frequently should pay attention to the three items, the positions must be correct, safety protection measures must be make love, must the vagina after careful cleaning. Sex between men and women is the basic physiological needs, but different people for the frequency of sex is not quite the same, if the frequency of sex is very high, it is necessary to pay attention to some matters, if you do not […]