Love is what it is when the “novelty” fades

Many people will regard the “freshness” in love as the normal state of love. Many people ask: what if there is no “freshness” in love? The disappearance of “freshness” in love is what love should look like. I need to constantly learn to manage love and face an ordinary or even mediocre relationship. If you feel that the relationship has become insipid in love, maybe we haven’t found the real shape of love.   At the moment of meeting love, many people think it is a lifetime of waiting, but when they retreat from the “freshness” in love, there are […]

4 Ways to Get your love back

1: Review past emotional situations.   First, you need to let go of your sense of urgency. Calm down and review your past relationships and whether you get along well. When did she start to pay attention to herself? Did she mention her shortcomings that affected her? A relationship without problems cannot break up. You need to see the essence of the relationship.   2: Ensure contact information.   After breaking up, if she doesn’t black you or something, you can see each other when brushing the circle of friends, send text messages to ask for help, and you can […]