Understanding both sexes correctly

Sex is the origin of life creation. In the process of life creation and nurturing, it reawakens the original joy of life, respects, appreciates and cherishes life, and returns to the source and pure consciousness. Sex has created our life, and our life has created the surrounding space of love,   Many people will say that life is not so beautiful. People mean to suffer from birth. From an ideal point of view, they will say that everything is self-sufficient and everything is perfect. That is the brain idea of some abandoners. In fact, the truth of the world is […]

Three kinds of attachment in love

The ups and downs of love, like a ritual of our adulthood, can make our hearts mature rapidly, and also let us examine our hearts again: originally, I was such a person.   Yes, no matter how our childhood is, in love, we are like starting to learn again. Some people will achieve good results in a love, while others need to repeat it constantly, and even practice themselves into a “slag sucking system” to get hurt repeatedly in different love.   In fact, it is all related to our attachment patterns. Different attachment patterns will make different reactions in […]