How to have sex properly

First, we should have a harmonious pre sexual relationship. When a woman makes love, it is easy to integrate the situation of getting along with her into her lingering. So, before sex, give her a period of harmony. Accompany her for a walk, chat, and give her a affectionate hug that any woman likes.   Second, there should be sufficient prelude. A sufficient Prelude must be a very sufficient prelude. For example, give her a affectionate kiss and kiss each other all over. Try to hold your lover’s toes and suck it like a baby sucking. The effect is very […]

Dating places with girls

A good date can promote the development of feelings, but the premise is to choose a suitable dating place. When many boys and girls date, they are always absent-minded. They would rather play on their mobile phones than communicate with you. Maybe you chose the wrong place. So where is the best place to date a girl?     Where is the best place to date a girl?     1. Night view   First, the cost of watching night scenery is low. Second, watching the night scene is suitable for both sides to communicate. Therefore, watching the night scene […]