Nine psychological laws of love

1. First cause effect     The first cause effect is also called the first effect, priority effect or “first impression” effect. People will be impressed when they first contact something or someone. The first impression has the strongest effect and lasts for a long time, which is stronger than the later information on the whole impression of things. The impression left by people in their first contact is formed in each other’s mind and occupies a dominant position.     In the process of love, two people meet for the first time, whether it is a blind date or […]

Enjoy sex

1、 Love is sex first Women have to have love before they have sex. This is very important. Don’t be misled by all kinds of TV novels, thinking that as long as you push down a woman, she will love you with all her heart, absolutely not. Don’t take advantage of the legal forcible overthrow of the marriage relationship. This behavior can get nothing except that women are increasingly disgusted with it. 2、 Learn to express love As a man, we must understand that a woman’s love, whether she is loved or loved, will make her interesting. So we must […]

3 Emotionally Draining mistakes

A few days ago, while watching the live broadcast of Tiktok, I heard a girl ask for help. The content is about this.   She and her boyfriend have been dating since junior high school and have been dating for more than eight years.   In these eight years, the other party should listen to her whatever she says, and report her whereabouts wherever the other party goes, and it can’t be too late to come back.   In her place, the boy didn’t have a little space and freedom. Later, he might be unbearable. The other party wanted to […]