Correct sexual relationship analysis

Everyone has his special needs for relationships. The combination of men and women, and the details of getting along are ever-changing. Every relationship has its particularity. In the relationship between the sexes, we can often see four kinds of relationships: symbiosis, parasitism, independence and interdependence. From these four ecosystems of men and women, we can examine whether an individual’s gender relationship is sound.   01   Symbiotic relationship   Symbiosis: two circles are the same size and overlap. Both sides of symbiosis regard integration with each other as the highest level.   For example, when a couple or lovers go […]

5 tips for starting a Relationship – Guys

Boys’ main hit: the principle of getting familiar first and then expressing themselves.   1. Chat more. If it’s someone nearby, find a chance to chat with her if you have nothing to do. It’s best to know some passages to make her laugh. If it’s not nearby, chat online first, and then find an opportunity to meet and chat offline; Chatting can find out whether you have something in common and whether she likes you. Remember, as long as she doesn’t stay away from you clearly / ruthlessly, it means she has a certain liking for you, and there […]