Core clew: love each other very deep, so the frequency of sex is very high, which is to meet the demand of normal physiology, but men and women make love frequently should pay attention to the three items, the positions must be correct, safety protection measures must be make love, must the vagina after careful cleaning.

Sex between men and women is the basic physiological needs, but different people for the frequency of sex is not quite the same, if the frequency of sex is very high, it is necessary to pay attention to some matters, if you do not notice is harmful to everyone’s health, so men and women make love very frequently need to pay attention to what matters? Let’s take you to understand these precautions in detail!

Men and women make love frequently need to pay attention to:

First, the sex position should be correct

The deeper a relationship is, the bolder it is to have sex. Sometimes simple sex positions don’t meet people’s physical needs, so people try harder sex positions. However, we need to pay attention to the sexual action once the correct words will cause damage to reproductive function. If you need to use the waist strength, must not be too long, this will lead to lumbar muscle strain.

Second, safety measures should be taken well

Women suffer the most during sex, because men do not need to take any risks after enjoying the pleasure of sex, while women, on the other hand, may get pregnant accidentally if safety measures are not taken properly. If you take the pill after the event, once or twice is not harmful, but long-term use, women can become menstrual disorder, serious cases can lead to infertility, so you will regret for a lifetime. Therefore, I hope men can consider more for women when making love, wear condoms, we must buy condoms produced by regular manufacturers, fake and shoddy products can not be used.

Third, after the necessity of private cleaning

Many couples fall asleep after making love because they are exhausted. In fact, this practice is not worth advocating. Every time after making love, we must timely clean our private parts, which is responsible for our body.

It’s important that men and women who have sex frequently remember these three points and take action to address their physical needs, but having sex too often and not paying attention to these points is not healthy. I hope you can grasp a degree, do these matters above, to avoid their own body injury.

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