4 Things not to Do in a Relationship

How can lovers maintain a relationship? Two people always have the impulse to strangle each other when they are together. Indeed, there will be various contradictions, living habits and ways, and different recognition and differences in all aspects when they are together for a long time. However, those who really love you know to cherish and tolerate. Therefore, to maintain a good marriage and feelings, we must respect each other and understand each other. The best way is not to do it in four aspects! This is an indirect break-up between lovers!     How to maintain a relationship? Don’t […]

Both sexes demand

Although I gave such a title, my view is to deny my title. Because right and reasonable are two judgments in themselves. Everyone has different standards and requirements, and the answer to this question is naturally different. In other words, there is no so-called correct and reasonable gender relationship at all.   But after listening to an audio about gender relations today, the anchor gave an answer. Her view is: the correct relationship between the two sexes should be without any needs, without any attachment, light hearted, free time to share their own happiness, share the discovery of life, share […]