Although I gave such a title, my view is to deny my title. Because right and reasonable are two judgments in themselves. Everyone has different standards and requirements, and the answer to this question is naturally different. In other words, there is no so-called correct and reasonable gender relationship at all.


But after listening to an audio about gender relations today, the anchor gave an answer. Her view is: the correct relationship between the two sexes should be without any needs, without any attachment, light hearted, free time to share their own happiness, share the discovery of life, share the wisdom of thought, and live their own internal happiness and light. I can only say that such a sexual relationship is very beautiful and high. It should be the realm of people who realize the Tao. How many ordinary people can achieve such perfection. Is there anyone who walks into the marriage relationship without any needs? What can be the reason for entering this relationship without any needs? Marriage begins with love and accepting each other completely. You will be happy to pay for each other. But in essence, everything we do is purposeful. You feel and think that the state you show can bring you satisfaction and pleasure. Or a certain quality presented by the other party meets your standard. But later, when you find that the other party shows more and more aspects that you don’t accept. You will no longer be as enthusiastic as you were at the beginning. So the other party complains and doubts about you. Similarly, you are also various disappointments and accusations. Then the two sides will enter a period of struggle, that is, a period of running in. The running in period is a process of mutual understanding, tolerance and concession.


Therefore, any happy gender relationship is not without needs, but balanced needs. The love in the relationship is mutual, and the pay is mutual. The two people in the relationship are in a harmonious state of resonance with the same frequency! It is also the state of the ideal sexual relationship of happiness


Author: elegant time


Source: Jianshu

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