I believe that most couples and couples have encountered emotional problems. Many netizens have paid too much for their feelings, and the final result is the painful price of breaking up and divorce. For this reason, many people have psychological problems and even mental diseases. I believe everyone has heard such a saying: “it is easy to fall in love but difficult to stay together, and everyone hopes to grow old together”. This sentence means that it is very easy to be together, It’s hard not to leave and never give up. So many people envy and look forward to it at the same time.


There is no continuous love, only a moment of love. This kind of love is defined as “tiny moments of positive resonance”. When the two sides first get together, they see each other’s good, but they can’t see each other’s bad. Their minds are full of each other’s advantages, which verifies the sentence: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but after a long time, they will feel that the other side is bad, that is to say, after the hot love period, their feelings will fade, which is also an important problem encountered by many people, If we want to maintain it, at the same time, when there is passion and passionate love, we need to take care of each other with our hearts, and we need to pay attention to every bit of life. In psychology, it is called “heterosexual effect”, that is, heterosexual contact will produce a special attraction and motivation, and we can experience unspeakable emotional pursuit.


I believe that many couples and couples will have a very bad feeling when they spend a long time together, that is, aesthetic fatigue. Seeing each other’s various disagreements, and even frequent quarrels will lead to a serious break-up. Even if the other party is very excellent, it is difficult to accept the other party. At this time, it is mostly the period of three-year pain and seven-year itch. This period is the emotional bottleneck period, which is actually very normal, But we should not ignore it. We must flexibly use some knowledge of psychology to stabilize our feelings and prevent cracks or even ruptures in our feelings. So what should we do to be the best? Now let’s have a detailed experience!


The first point is love: the most important thing in a relationship is love, which is also the most basic in the relationship. If two people don’t want to love, then the relationship will naturally disappear. It’s useless to maintain it. Two people must love each other. Wishful love is humble and unrealistic and won’t last long. It’s not easy to be considerate of each other in life. When my husband is tired of work, he cooks for him and watches ball games or movies with him, The wife is tired, helping with housework, massaging and talking to her. In fact, the other party doesn’t want much, but just wants the respect and understanding of the other party.


The second point is space: between feelings, we must have me in you and you in me, but it is worth noting that they are not one. After all, both sides have various life circles. Both sides should give each other some space. Remember not to let each other listen to their own things, so the other side will be very tired. If you love someone, you should learn to think for each other and give each other enough space. In this way, you can maintain your relationship well.


The third point is trust: about trust, many people don’t do very well. Some people have a great desire for control because of their own problems, resulting in the controlled being very tired and choosing to let go. Mutual trust is very important. Some time ago, a man suspected that his wife was cheating. In fact, his wife didn’t, which is caused by the man’s strong desire for control and too many negative events, This man was diagnosed with paranoia, that is to say, the pressure in life will lead to psychological problems of the other party. The other party must appropriately help the stressed party release the pressure. When there is suspicion in the relationship, it is a very troublesome thing, and even difficult to change.


The fourth point is communication: This is the premise of the above point. Appropriately help each other release pressure. When anything happens, everyone should remember to communicate in time and think in a transposition, so the problem will be reduced. If we can’t deal with communication in time, it will easily become a complaint. As long as we erupt, our feelings will break down, and it will be even more difficult to solve it, so take the initiative to communicate and find out the problem, In order to have a good business relationship.


The fifth point is commitment: no matter what problems occur, we should undertake them together. All happiness will be shared together. People’s life will not be smooth. When things happen, don’t avoid undertaking them together, don’t release your temper to the other party, and don’t break up and divorce if there are problems. When two people undertake them together, their feelings will be more stable. At the same time, it will be sunny after rain, Here’s an example for you. A man lost a lot of money because of bad business. The man wanted to divorce without dragging his wife down, but the wife didn’t do so. She sold all the valuable things and helped her husband through the difficulties. Finally, the man was not decadent, but his life was getting better and better.


In fact, there is a lot of psychological knowledge. If you can learn these points, your feelings will be maintained very well. Finally, I hope you can cherish the other party now. It is not that the other party is bad, but that the way is not right. As long as the way is right, your feelings will be very good.

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