Harmonious sex life is indispensable for the stability of husband and wife relationship. In order to improve the relationship between husband and wife, it is necessary to master some basic sexual skills. What tips can both sides get?


Reasons for unharmonious sexual life after marriage


1. Excessive fatigue or physical weakness


At this time, men often have no sexual desire, just want to have a quick rest or rest.



2. Poor relationship between husband and wife or disharmonious sexual life


This kind of situation can produce disgust to sexual life, cause sexual desire to drop. This needs adjustment and improvement.


3. Have an incorrect view of sex life


Some people believe that abstinence can maintain health; Some people believe that sexual function must be affected after sterilization; Some people always feel muscle soreness after sexual intercourse, thinking it is caused by excessive sexual life. These thoughts will make people fear and hate sex life, and their sexual desire will gradually weaken. In fact, as long as sexual intercourse is not excessive, it is not only harmless to the body, but also beneficial to physical and mental health. As for male sterilization, as long as the operation is successful, it will never affect sexual life, and everything remains the same.


4. Afraid that the woman is pregnant, so I have scruples about sex


At present, there are many contraceptive methods, which are used properly and have good effects. If you are not at ease, you can consult a doctor. After taking contraceptive measures scientifically, there is no need to be afraid of women getting pregnant.


How can husband and wife live in harmony?


Mastering some sex tips can make couples’ lives more harmonious.



First, both sides have desires or sexual impulses, rather than one side being warm and the other indifferent. Therefore, in order to achieve a harmonious sexual life between husband and wife, first of all, both sides have requirements, which is an indispensable condition;


Second, after sexual behavior starts, we should concentrate on things that have nothing to do with it. Only such sexual life can make both parties get satisfactory results.


Third, happiness should infect each other. In sexual life, husband and wife should infect each other with excitement, excitement and happiness in sexual activities. There should be no grudging acceptance or rejection, embarrassment and complaint;


Fourth, couples express or hint at each other before sex;


Fifth, we should take care of each other and wait for each other when sex ends.


This, especially the man, should be paid more attention to. According to the gender characteristics, the man ends sexual excitement soon after ejaculation, while the woman lags behind and takes a long time to calm down.

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