1、 The dating place should make the other party relax

People can only relax in a place they are familiar with. Try to choose a place they are familiar with, so that you can order easily. If a woman chooses a date place, because she is not familiar with it, she can do her homework online in advance. When she arrives at the date place, she will not be nervous mentally and will not give her the impression that she has never seen the world.

In fact, if you want to catch up with a girl, as long as you can chat, you have 80% chance to catch up with her. Because the core of falling in love is the word “talk”. Talk about life, heart and future with a girl. As long as you can talk with her, you will have opportunities for development. If you are a straight man with a stupid mouth, I recommend you to my official account ~ Jiang hanyoushu, to give you a top-level chat mind map, so that you can master the core secret of chat, when to be humorous, when to chat with high EQ, and at the same time, to give you a set of top-level scripts, so that you can deal with different scenes of chat, and you can easily chat with girls simply.


2、 Dating needs to be malleable

When you invite a girl out for the first time, of course, you can’t eat together and go home, so you should pay attention to the extension of the date. For example, the place where girls are invited to dinner is a department store. After dinner with girls, you can go to the movies, go shopping with girls, or find a coffee shop to sit with girls. If you have a good chat, you can go shopping after dinner. There are many options for you to extend the dating performance. If a girl doesn’t like your dating arrangement, you can play it by ear and choose the dating method she likes.


3、 Dating chat

No matter where you date with a girl or what your date project is, you can’t avoid chatting with a girl, so it’s important to find a topic to chat with. Many boys often chat with girls on the Internet, but they don’t know what to say in the process of dating girls. Maybe it’s because I’m nervous, maybe I’m worried that I’ve said the wrong thing. In this case, talk about what you are doing now and what girls have done before. Because I really don’t know what I’m talking about. Please choose a date like watching a movie that doesn’t talk much.


4、 Dating etiquette

When you ask a girl out for the first time, you must pay attention to the etiquette of dating, which can’t be wrong. The first is to try to arrive early. Don’t be late. Whatever the reason. Second, try not to use mobile phones when dating, and don’t play. If you don’t do that, it will bring dissatisfaction to girls. Third, pay attention to details in the process of dating. Don’t eat too loudly, don’t swallow it indiscriminately, be nice to others (such as waiters, taxi drivers), say thank you, and open the door for the girl. Details will make you more tasteful and charming, and make your dating atmosphere more comfortable.

The above is the analysis of how to arrange the first time to ask a girl out. The most important thing is to give the girl a comfortable feeling, pay attention to the girl’s emotional changes, and change your dating plan at any time. The girl thinks it’s pleasant to date you. Why does she refuse you?

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