How to achieve sexual harmony

Harmonious sex life is indispensable for the stability of husband and wife relationship. In order to improve the relationship between husband and wife, it is necessary to master some basic sexual skills. What tips can both sides get?   Reasons for unharmonious sexual life after marriage   1. Excessive fatigue or physical weakness   At this time, men often have no sexual desire, just want to have a quick rest or rest.     2. Poor relationship between husband and wife or disharmonious sexual life   This kind of situation can produce disgust to sexual life, cause sexual desire to […]

Both sexes demand

Although I gave such a title, my view is to deny my title. Because right and reasonable are two judgments in themselves. Everyone has different standards and requirements, and the answer to this question is naturally different. In other words, there is no so-called correct and reasonable gender relationship at all.   But after listening to an audio about gender relations today, the anchor gave an answer. Her view is: the correct relationship between the two sexes should be without any needs, without any attachment, light hearted, free time to share their own happiness, share the discovery of life, share […]

Love begins with the right treatment of sexual relations

Hormonal stimulation, adolescent agitation, dating and sexual relations are the problems that teenagers have to face. Among all the choices we made, the author believes that this is the most important one. Because it affects not only yourself, but also others. Today, we will focus on how to deal with various problems in gender relations.   01   Today’s society has formulated two rules for dating: “be a partner” or “make physical contact”, which many people often accept without thinking. The result often leads to mental damage. Of course, you don’t have to accept this view. You can say goodbye […]

Frequent sex should pay attention to what matters

Core clew: love each other very deep, so the frequency of sex is very high, which is to meet the demand of normal physiology, but men and women make love frequently should pay attention to the three items, the positions must be correct, safety protection measures must be make love, must the vagina after careful cleaning. Sex between men and women is the basic physiological needs, but different people for the frequency of sex is not quite the same, if the frequency of sex is very high, it is necessary to pay attention to some matters, if you do not […]

Correct sexual relationship analysis

Everyone has his special needs for relationships. The combination of men and women, and the details of getting along are ever-changing. Every relationship has its particularity. In the relationship between the sexes, we can often see four kinds of relationships: symbiosis, parasitism, independence and interdependence. From these four ecosystems of men and women, we can examine whether an individual’s gender relationship is sound.   01   Symbiotic relationship   Symbiosis: two circles are the same size and overlap. Both sides of symbiosis regard integration with each other as the highest level.   For example, when a couple or lovers go […]

Enjoy sex

1、 Love is sex first Women have to have love before they have sex. This is very important. Don’t be misled by all kinds of TV novels, thinking that as long as you push down a woman, she will love you with all her heart, absolutely not. Don’t take advantage of the legal forcible overthrow of the marriage relationship. This behavior can get nothing except that women are increasingly disgusted with it. 2、 Learn to express love As a man, we must understand that a woman’s love, whether she is loved or loved, will make her interesting. So we must […]

How to treat the relationship correctly

1. Since two people are together, they should really love each other, and they should respect each other and trust each other. Suspicion is a big jealousy that destroys the relationship between the two sexes!   2. No matter how close two people are, they should also give each other some private space. Don’t always think about checking the other party’s mobile phone calls and the other party’s circle of friends, which is really annoying!   3. No matter how close they are, sometimes they have unspeakable difficulties. If they can’t speak out, they need to talk to their best […]

How to have sex properly

First, we should have a harmonious pre sexual relationship. When a woman makes love, it is easy to integrate the situation of getting along with her into her lingering. So, before sex, give her a period of harmony. Accompany her for a walk, chat, and give her a affectionate hug that any woman likes.   Second, there should be sufficient prelude. A sufficient Prelude must be a very sufficient prelude. For example, give her a affectionate kiss and kiss each other all over. Try to hold your lover’s toes and suck it like a baby sucking. The effect is very […]

Understanding both sexes correctly

Sex is the origin of life creation. In the process of life creation and nurturing, it reawakens the original joy of life, respects, appreciates and cherishes life, and returns to the source and pure consciousness. Sex has created our life, and our life has created the surrounding space of love,   Many people will say that life is not so beautiful. People mean to suffer from birth. From an ideal point of view, they will say that everything is self-sufficient and everything is perfect. That is the brain idea of some abandoners. In fact, the truth of the world is […]

How to have sex properly

Teaching you the correct steps of sexual life is an essential part of daily life, and it is also a catalyst for male female relations. Let’s look at the whole process of sex.   Sex is the catalyst of the relationship between men and women. It teaches you how to make love correctly   The first is contact.   Women like men to gently touch women’s hands. Some hints make women’s hearts shake and men kiss. If women tremble or nervously make some small movements when touching women’s hands, they won’t like it, but it will be a little annoying. […]