This is needed to maintain feelings

A really beautiful relationship is that two people can understand and tolerate each other, are willing to listen to each other’s hearts, and can give each other more respect and love.   The reason why we want to have a happy and sweet love is that we want to get the strength and courage to move forward from each other. We hope that someone can hold an umbrella for us and accompany us on a thunderstorm and rainy day.   Of course, a person can live a good life, as long as we have love in our hearts and are […]

Love needs two people to maintain

For most couples, maintaining a relationship is very necessary. If the relationship is good, the two talents may go further; Couples with bad relationships will find it difficult to sustain this relationship. However, maintaining their relationship is not a simple thing. If they are too close, one party may feel irritable, if they are too distant, and if they feel that the other party doesn’t care about themselves. Next, Zhiyuan emotion teacher tells you how to maintain two people’s feelings. Feelings need two people to maintain. Let’s have a look.   How to maintain the relationship between two people? Love […]

Psychologists point to these five points

I believe that most couples and couples have encountered emotional problems. Many netizens have paid too much for their feelings, and the final result is the painful price of breaking up and divorce. For this reason, many people have psychological problems and even mental diseases. I believe everyone has heard such a saying: “it is easy to fall in love but difficult to stay together, and everyone hopes to grow old together”. This sentence means that it is very easy to be together, It’s hard not to leave and never give up. So many people envy and look forward to […]

4 Things not to Do in a Relationship

How can lovers maintain a relationship? Two people always have the impulse to strangle each other when they are together. Indeed, there will be various contradictions, living habits and ways, and different recognition and differences in all aspects when they are together for a long time. However, those who really love you know to cherish and tolerate. Therefore, to maintain a good marriage and feelings, we must respect each other and understand each other. The best way is not to do it in four aspects! This is an indirect break-up between lovers!     How to maintain a relationship? Don’t […]

The best way to maintain a relationship

Do you want to know the best way to maintain your relationship? How to maintain a relationship? As we all know, it is easy to fall in love but difficult to stay together. A relationship is sweet and beautiful at first. At that time, no matter what the other party did, he would not have boring behavior. No matter what the other party did, he could forgive. This is probably the power of love. However, no matter how good the relationship is, after the passage of time, the original beauty gradually fades. If you don’t know the business, love will […]

How to get back together

1. Don’t expose your sense of need   This is very important, especially when he has just applied through your friend, don’t worry to chat with him, or even put him aside for a few days. The more anxious you are, the easier it is to expose your sense of need.   Don’t worry, he won’t delete you again, because he’s already a little curious about you. Instinct will urge him to explore curiosity and start looking at you again. As long as you hold back your strong sense of need and control your emotions, don’t worry. When he takes […]

These four breakups have a chance to get back together

Maybe it’s our traditional thought to “persuade peace or not to persuade separation”, but we still need to know that not all feelings are worth redeeming. If you and your partner have the following characteristics after breaking up, you can try to redeem them.   1. Feeling pain after breaking up It is said that the person who can heal your wound is often the one who makes you black and blue. If you feel very painful after breaking up, or you can’t bear to see your partner so painful after breaking up, you can choose to make up as […]

Find out what kind of breakup you belong to

1. Conflict accumulation breakup   When two people are together, they are not afraid of quarreling, but of the accumulation of contradictions. If they are not resolved, when the contradictions accumulate to a certain extent, you will inevitably break up.   The most common is that one party is infinite in death and the other party is infinite in tolerance. At a certain point, breaking up becomes inevitable.   For example, the boy forgot the girl’s birthday, and the girl was sad for a long time, but she still smiled and said it was okay.   The boys and girls […]

Omen before lovers break up

1. No time for you   When a boy doesn’t love you, his best skill is cold violence. His most obvious feature is that he suddenly becomes very busy. He is busy talking to you on the phone, meeting with you, and has no time for dinner.   Time is precious to anyone. Some people may be busy occasionally because they are busy. If a person is busy to you at any time, he is not really busy, but very busy to you.   2. Start getting impatient with you   When he wants to break up, his feelings for […]

4 Ways to Get your love back

1: Review past emotional situations.   First, you need to let go of your sense of urgency. Calm down and review your past relationships and whether you get along well. When did she start to pay attention to herself? Did she mention her shortcomings that affected her? A relationship without problems cannot break up. You need to see the essence of the relationship.   2: Ensure contact information.   After breaking up, if she doesn’t black you or something, you can see each other when brushing the circle of friends, send text messages to ask for help, and you can […]