5 tips for starting a Relationship. – Girls

1. Chat more. Unlike boys, you should try not to be too active in chatting with him. The more casual, the better. Because the boy is a hunter, he doesn’t like the feeling that the prey takes the initiative to deliver it to the door. If you deliver it to the door, he has no desire to pursue it. You must find an excuse to chat, such as asking him a question and asking him what he is good at. If you are close, take the opportunity to talk close, and the effect is better. Key points: please pay attention […]

5 tips for starting a Relationship – Guys

Boys’ main hit: the principle of getting familiar first and then expressing themselves.   1. Chat more. If it’s someone nearby, find a chance to chat with her if you have nothing to do. It’s best to know some passages to make her laugh. If it’s not nearby, chat online first, and then find an opportunity to meet and chat offline; Chatting can find out whether you have something in common and whether she likes you. Remember, as long as she doesn’t stay away from you clearly / ruthlessly, it means she has a certain liking for you, and there […]

Nine psychological laws of love

1. First cause effect     The first cause effect is also called the first effect, priority effect or “first impression” effect. People will be impressed when they first contact something or someone. The first impression has the strongest effect and lasts for a long time, which is stronger than the later information on the whole impression of things. The impression left by people in their first contact is formed in each other’s mind and occupies a dominant position.     In the process of love, two people meet for the first time, whether it is a blind date or […]

3 Emotionally Draining mistakes

A few days ago, while watching the live broadcast of Tiktok, I heard a girl ask for help. The content is about this.   She and her boyfriend have been dating since junior high school and have been dating for more than eight years.   In these eight years, the other party should listen to her whatever she says, and report her whereabouts wherever the other party goes, and it can’t be too late to come back.   In her place, the boy didn’t have a little space and freedom. Later, he might be unbearable. The other party wanted to […]

When you’re in love

Generally speaking, most of the problems in couples are after the relationship is flat. On the contrary, no matter what happens in hot love, it is a proper sour smell of love.   In fact, the deeper things two people do together in love, the stronger the satisfaction they get, and the deeper their memory.   This kind of memory, in the days to come, will pop into my mind from time to time, imperceptibly increasing the fit between the two people, and has a certain role in promoting marriage.   So, what should lovers do in love?   1. […]

Passion, intimacy, commitment, seven different relationships

Someone in love attracts you, and he is the one you like. You have a good feeling and love between you. Does that mean that Cupid’s arrow has hit you? Can this initial good feeling continue and smoothly move closer to love? Love is a special intimate relationship, which is the enduring theme of poets and writers. This wonderful and magical word contains all kinds of beautiful imagination, and people feel the joy and bitterness brought by it… All kinds of experiences seem to make love more mysterious, and men and women in the world flock to it. Naturally, psychological […]

The most comfortable relationship in love

No matter whether you are in love or not, you should know that love is fair to everyone. You may be late, but you will never be absent.   When love comes, you need to know what the most comfortable relationship in love is, and then try to create a comfortable relationship that belongs to you. If you have one, your love will really be much happier.   The most comfortable relationship in love is not the truth of one person, but the truest self of both parties. Such a relationship will only make each other know more and bring […]

Three kinds of attachment in love

The ups and downs of love, like a ritual of our adulthood, can make our hearts mature rapidly, and also let us examine our hearts again: originally, I was such a person.   Yes, no matter how our childhood is, in love, we are like starting to learn again. Some people will achieve good results in a love, while others need to repeat it constantly, and even practice themselves into a “slag sucking system” to get hurt repeatedly in different love.   In fact, it is all related to our attachment patterns. Different attachment patterns will make different reactions in […]

Love is what it is when the “novelty” fades

Many people will regard the “freshness” in love as the normal state of love. Many people ask: what if there is no “freshness” in love? The disappearance of “freshness” in love is what love should look like. I need to constantly learn to manage love and face an ordinary or even mediocre relationship. If you feel that the relationship has become insipid in love, maybe we haven’t found the real shape of love.   At the moment of meeting love, many people think it is a lifetime of waiting, but when they retreat from the “freshness” in love, there are […]